Willow City Loop Wildflower Photos














My older parents were getting "cabin fever" so yesterday my husband suggested we take them for a drive to see the wildflowers on the Willow City Loop near Fredericksburg, Texas.  The flowers, especially the Bluebonnets, were beautiful on this sunny warm day.  I hope to drive the loop again in a few weeks to see different types of flowers blooming.  

Directions to get to the Loop from Fredericksburg Texas Online:  Take 16 N (Llano Street) out of Fredericksburg.  Proceed 13.3 miles.  Turn right on RR1323.  Continue 2.79 miles to Willow City, turn left onto Willow City Loop.  The Loop goes for 13 miles and then reconnects with 16. 

Please note this is a private ranch road with no restrooms, restaurants or shopping.  It's just a scenic drive although there are a few places to safely stop and get out of your car to take pictures.  You can continue on 16N to Llano which is a cute town on the Llano River with shops and restaurants along the main street and near the bridge.  

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