DIY Sugar Scrub Recipe

DIY sugar scrub

As they say on airplanes you need to give yourself oxygen before helping your family members.  In this time of forced family togetherness self-care is important.  Following is a recipe for an easy sugar scrub that will have your shower time feeling and smelling like a spa. The sugar will help exfoliate dead skin and the oil will leave your skin feeling smooth and silky.  . 

All you need to make the scrub is sugar and oil.  You can use any type of sugar.  I used equal parts white sugar, brown sugar and turbinado sugar.  But you can use whatever you have.  A light oil such as liquid coconut, grapeseed or sweet almond works well.  Avocado oil and olive oil are also good.  

Oil options  Some oil options 

Start with equal parts of sugar and oil.  I used 1/4 cup of each.  I used equal amounts of all three sugars and the MCT liquid coconut oil.  You can also use avocado or olive oil.  I mixed the sugar and oil with a spoon in a plastic storage container that I planned to use in the shower.  (Although I try not to use plastic in general I am nervous about using glass in the shower.)   I added another spoon of sugar as I have oily coarse skin.  You can adjust it as you like.  

The sugar scrub is ready to use.  However, you can add a scent with essential oils or fragrance oils formulated for bath products. I added 6 drops of a lemon fragrance oil and mixed well with the sugar scrub.  You can store the scrub in the shower or bathroom in a covered container. 

I used about 1/2 of my mixture for one shower.  I gave my feet (especially my heels) a good scrubbing to soften them.  My neck and arms are still feeling silky smooth several hours later.  

You can also add other edible items such as coffee grounds, green tea, cucumber and orange or lemon zest to your sugar scrub.  Here's a link to another blog with more sugar scrub ideas: Organic Beauty Recipes.  Some people add vanilla extract to their sugar scrubs.  However, extracts are alcohol-based and don't blend well with oil.  So I don't recommend this.   

If you want to order essential or fragrance oils to add to your sugar scrubs a few companies that I order from are Elements Bath and Body and Nurture Soap.  (I'm not an affiliate just like their products and service.)  

One note of caution is that the oil in the scrub may make your shower floor slippery.  If you are worried about falling you can use the scrub in your sink for your hands and face.  

Thanks for reading.  Please let me know if you try the sugar scrub and what (if any) fragrances and ingredients you added.  I hope everyone remains mentally and physically healthy.