River Rocks Soap

These soap bars that look like river rocks or beach stones have been very popular. Carol Hicks Bolton had the idea to make soap that looked like river rocks she had displayed in a jar.

The river rocks are now sold in stores including Gin and Tarnish in Jewell, Iowa; Ellen J Goods in Medina, NY; Susan Darnell Designs in San Diego, CA; WOW Gallery in Santa Fe, NM; Brocante Beach House in Seattle, WA; TA Lorton in Tulsa, OK; Simple Things Furniture in Ft. Worth, TX; and Kerr + Jones Design in East Boothbay, Maine.

And the river rocks continue to be a best seller where they originated at Carol Hicks Bolton Antiquities in Fredericksburg, Texas.

The river rock soaps are made with natural ingredients including activated charcoal, pumice, sea salt, coconut oil, essential oil and filtered rain water. The rocks are fun to use and have a clean fresh smell.

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